Static page not working

I just installed illdy (2.1) theme with lastest version of Wordpress.
But front page not showing for me. If I open website I see latest post. when I changed General → Reading to static page with “Sample Page” and I open website I see jumbotron and Sample page only. Not about, project etc…

What should I do?

By the way add project, skills … + import demo content not working too.

please tell me compatible version of Wordpress and compatible version of illdy so I can try that. thank you

Hey there

There are users that are using our theme on the latest version of the theme and they dont have a problem,
Please DM me your access details and I will check it

Hi Support,

i’m using illdy on the static homepage I cannot add new content to projects etc. or adjust the number of posts that must be show. Button and slider do not work in the customizer.

I have disabled all plugins
Reinstalled Illdy
Reinstalled Illdy Companion

The problem has not been solved.
What should I do? Can you help me?

HI @JvG-Jelle

Please DM me your access details of the website and I will check it