Sticky header - Clicking on menu does not take to the correct section title

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I have been using your theme and have an issue I need support with.

Sticky header - Clicking on menu does not take to the correct section title.

If i click on a menu item from the sticky menu, it takes me to the section, but the title is hidden behind the sticky menu. Please see screenshot below. How can i make it navigate to the correct section and title.

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In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

This has been fixed in new release.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’m glad that the issue is resolved.
Please let us know if you encounter any other issues,
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Sorry but the problem is not resolved in new release.
Can you verify?

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Hello, the link is:

Thanks for support

hi @lartistico

yes, but your page does not have scroll feature, its only uses default menu style an once I clicking them I’m navigated to the appropriate page, how and where can I check your problem?

Sorry Noda, but i don’t understand your question, please visit
(this is new site) and not (old site)
See /it (this is the difference), I use shapely themes…
Thanks a lot for your reply

hi Stefano

The question of this ticket is “Clicking on menu does not take to the correct section title” - on your website i can’t see any menus to test scrolling feature, menus are not connected to page sections, they are connected to pages

Sorry Noda,
perhaps i write in wrong ticket, i see “sticky menu” and wrong post, if you want delete my answer from this post.

I refer to problem “that the menu don’t remain stick in top of the page” when scrool the page, i flag the box (see attachment) but the menu header missing when scroll the page (sorry for my english) . In last version this problem not happen…

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In this case, could you try out the following CSS code under the Appearance>Customize>additional CSS section:

header#masthead {
position: fixed;
z-index: 999;
.page-template-page-templatestemplate-home-php .content-area {
padding-top: 100px;

I hope this helps.
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