Sticky header is cut on top

Hi all

I created a website with sharply. When activating the sticky header and scrolling down on my page, it cuts off the top part of the header menu. You can see the issue here:

Anyone had the same problem? How do I fix it?


Hi Martin.

Thanks for contacting us!

I just tried your website and Im unable to replicate the problem, can you please provide a screenshot or steps to replicate it?


Sure, here are the screenshots.

  1. Menu bar when you open the page
  2. Menu bar when you scroll down (cut off)


Hey there

What is the browser you are using?
this is what I have in Chrome: Screenshot by Lightshot it works flawlessly for me.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Thanks for your feedback - looks like this is really a browser issues. I used MS Edge and Firefox and had the issue. Now tested the same thing in Chrome and as you said, it works perfectly fine.

Any ideas how to solve it for the other browsers?


Hey there,

Can you please record a short video from other browsers? tried it Edge and FF and works normally for me.