Still have problems with Travelify WordPress theme featured slider

hello Aigars, I was wondering why the Featured slider not working for me, I have follow the instruction above I cannot make it appear.

Without seeing your site and actual configuration I can’t answers to this question. It is very basic slider so it should work under any circumstances.

Iris, I also had problems make it appearing the first time. My fault was that I thought it would add any image within the post. Be sure that you defined the picture as the picture for this specific post (in the media gallery)

Hi Peet!
thanks for your reply. I don’t quite get what you mean…”be sure that you defined the picture as the picture of this specific post (in the media gallery)”
so i need to go to media library and do exactly what? appreciate your help.

Have you set “Featured Image” for each post you want to use in the slider?

Hi Aigars! Thanks for reply! I think I haven’t set that as I don’t know where I can set each post as featured image. I would really appreciate if you could advise where I can set it. Do I need to go to Media library and set it there, i don’t see any tick box that say’s set to “Featured Image”. Apologize for my ignorance, I’m a newbie :slight_smile:

Iris, while you are on the screen to edit your post there is the featured image setting in the lower right corner.
Another possibility is to use the media library. Open the edit page of a post, and click the “Upload / Insert Image” button above the text field. My installation is in German, but it is the third link in the menu of the media library which opens up then. There you can choose a picture and set it as featured image for this specific post by clicking the button

Hi Peet! once again thanks for your help. I already figure out what went wrong, the slider is playing on the main page and not on the home page i have created, i have created this home page because i believe you cannot edit anything in the default main page am i right? now my problem is how can i able to play the slider on my home page i have created, i really sound stupid here but i hope you would be very patient on answering my questions. and again i really appreciate your help.

I don’t quite get what you are doing there but you can set a static page as your homepage.
Just go to Settings → Reading and set “A static page (select below)”.

This will display any of your pages on front page and Slider will be there as well.

For me it was not clear that I need to define the image as featured image. I thought I only need to paste an image into the text of the post.Therefore it did not appear. While editing a post you will see a link “Featured Image >> Set featured image” on the right side (near the bottom of the page).