Still not working - Menu bar dropdown broken after WP5.6 update

I am a new user to Colorlib and Dazzling. I am not impressed.
I have agreed to help an organisation that has been using Dazzling for 3 years. They trusted Colorlib.
Colorlib have never upgraded this theme during these last 3 years.
Colorlib have stonewalled the user concerns ever since Kezzak’s first query on 4 Jan.
What about some urgent and honest about what Colorlib are going to do about this theme?

7 days on and no reply to our requests?

What is going on guys? I think we are due for an update or two.

For me who have used various themes over the last few years this is the last straw, I will redevelop with another theme from elsewhere. In my opinion your credibility is now non existent!!!

Hey there

I’m sorry, this problem is reported and should be fixed by the update, but its delayed, please take our appologies

Sorry this is the same reply since January. When can an update be expected?

If this isnt a priority and you arent going to fix it at least be honest

Hi @kezzak

sorry about it, as a temporary workaround you may use Wp mobile menu plugin to replace your mobile menu

Hi guys,
meanwhile I find it catastrophic that no updates follow. Always found dazzling a good theme … but there is no support. At least expect an answer whether there will be an update at all or the theme has been discontinued.
Just doing nothing is stupid.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I agree with you, the update delayed but it will be issued for sure


You have totally lost all credibility and damaged your brand name by this lack of response and nonsense. I hope you realise you are losing loyal people

Hi Kezzak

I’m so sorry to hear that :frowning: I hope our dev team will soon release update that will change your mind

Hi, top drop down menu work fine after your fix tip but I noticed that right widget tab showing “popular-post”, “recent” and “messages” doesn’t switch. First “popular-post” tab is always visible.
Any fix on that?

Hi @mac310

Please start a new ticket and provide url of your website

Thanks. As i was facing the issue and got cleared my problem.

Hi there

Ok, that’s nice to hear :slight_smile: