Still not working - Menu bar dropdown broken after WP5.6 update

This was logged Menu bar dropdown broken after WP5.6 update but closed.

It is still not working and installing the jQuery migrate plugin and set the jQuery version to “1.12.4” temporarily fixes the issue.

However, that is not a long term solution. I was of the understanding that a Theme update was on the way to address this.

Could you please check and update?


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Hi Kerry

Sorry, but the problem is already reported and we need to wait for the next theme update to fix this problem

Thanks Noda. That is fine, it just appeared from the response in the forum that wasn’t happening, hence the check.


You are welcome and thank you for understanding

Be aware, we are updating themes, and stay tuned for the next update :slight_smile:

Hello. Is there a timeframe for the update? Should I switch over to a temporary theme or are we just talking a couple of more days? I love the Dazzling theme btw. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I have been using dazzling theme on my website Also, I would like to know when the next update this take place. So we can have the dropdown menu issue fixed! I love the theme! Thanks , Andrea

Hi there

Please take my apologies, we are doing soft updates for themes, they will be available this month and major updates will be available in February


Hi Colorlib-Team,
is there still an update to be expected?
I use your theme on several websites and have always been very satisfied. However, the error messages and malfunctions with JS cause me massive problems. And the announced changes of Wordpress (5.7) will likely become even more problematic. Awaiting an update from colorlib - keep in touch.

Hey there

Yes, developers are working on the update and it will be released soon

" However, the error messages and malfunctions with JS cause me massive problems" - May I see it? please provide a link to the website and screenshot if necessary

Has there been any progress on the update?

Hey there

Have you seen my previous reply? :slight_smile:

"developers are working on the update and it will be released soon"

Just trying to figure out what soon means. Visitors with mobile phones (70+% of traffic) are not able to navigate.



Sorry, but I can’t say when exactly, you may use this plugin as a temporary solution:

I use jQuery Migrate plugin to solve dropdown menu issue in new WP, but also waiting for theme update release. Without that plugin only top menu is visible and no dropdown appears.
My site with plugin is here

Hi @mac310

Please add this css code to fix your problem:

.navbar-nav>li:hover > .dropdown-menu {
display: block;

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THX, it really works for standard browser but menu is not working on mobile browser.
Now I disabled jQuery Migrate Helper plugin and you can check that is fine on PC but not on Mobile. I enabled WP Mobile Menu plugin as a temporary solution but it adds extra header in mobile browser so this is not a good idea.


You may use this css code to hide default toggle on the mobile:

.navbar-default .navbar-toggle {
    display: none;
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Hey colorlib-team,
the major update 5.7 of WP has been published for a few days now. Unfortunately still no update of your great dazzling. The workarounds can only be used in part. If you don’t develop this theme any more, just say it … then I’ll switch to another theme … so it is unfortunately unusable!

I’m waiting …

Sorry to hear that, we will do our best to issue new update as soon as possible, please take our apologies about this matter

This is extremely disappointing. I raised the issue on 4 Jan? Surely this is sufficient time, over 10 weeks now, to have done a theme update???

As kurznoch asked will it be addressed or should we simply look elsewhere for a new theme and redevelop our sites?

I appreciate it is a free theme but there seems to be little or no desire on your part to support or update and fix this issue.

Extremely frustrating