Stop Ad Banner from showing up among Posts

Hello Colorlib,

I used the Ad Banner to make a space for a tagline on my site. Now the banner I made is showing up among Category pages…you can see here:

…the tagline banner is showing up after X number of posts. I found the “Banner Settings” in the template settings and there’s no setting for ‘0 banners after X Post’. I tried to set it to a very high number 14, but the number doesn’t save with the settings and keeps going back to 4.

I can edit some code to get rid of this functionality if you can tell me where :slight_smile: …or a simpler fix would be okay too :slight_smile:



Hello Dave

This question is not about the theme, you have a problem with the Ad banner plugin and my suggestion is to contact plugin support :slight_smile:

Hi Noda,

There is no plugin installed…it’s part of your theme. Go Appearance–>Customize–>Banner Settings …that’s the thing I used. I’m trying to set it to more than 4 posts so it doesn’t matter but it keeps resetting to 4 no matter how many times I change and Publish?


Good morning Dave

Sorry about that, I thought we are talking about third-party ad banner.
Well, in this case, if there is no setting for the style you want to apply modification will be necessary for the theme, in this case, I can suggest 2 plugins that will help you to find file used for rendering particular page:

and string locator to search files based on the string used: