Strange CSS potionning


I think I found 2 little issues in the Sparkling theme.

If you check (404.php theme page), some sections on the page doesn’t have popper margins or padding. As a result, some H2 title are very close the the previous content.

In comments area on single posts, if the pagination is enabled for comments, “Older posts” and “Newer comments” are floated to right or left, but not cleared by other content. As a result, the first comment and the title “Leave a comment” are displayed between the 2 buttons, or if only 1 of the 2 buttons is displayed, first comment and the mentioned title are displayed on the right/left of “Older/Newer comments” button.

I haven’t tried to style both of these section but I will update them eventually.

Comments pagination is complete no-no for SEO and you shouldn’t use them at all. Even Yoast points it out on his WordPress SEO documentation:

You are basically creating duplicate entries just to make comments visible in multiple pages but the same content is displayed on all your pages.

I will try to improve styling for this in next update or one after but I highly recommend to avoid comment pagination when possible.

You’re right, I don’t use pagination on comments on my website. But I translated the theme into french and I noticed this when I test the display of the 2 buttons

Thank you for pointing that out!

Will improve these things as there is not much work required.

And all CSS improvements are done as well. Ended up creating a proper 404 error page as well.

Let me know if there is anything else you have find not working properly.