Stripe Background (Front Page Sections)

How can I get a copy of the striped background that appears in some of the Front Page Sections in Illdy for customization purposes?

Or, is there any way to duplicate any of the Front Page Sections?


Hi there

Which background image? let me see it please
No, frontpage sections can not be duplicated

Hello. This background image (stripes on affiliate products section) - please see attached screenshot. Also, do you think it’s possible to duplicate front page sections with the help of a Wordpress designer? Is this theme customizable at all? Thanks.


This is the link to the BG image:

No, im sorry but there is no option to duplicate frontpage sections,

Hello, the link is not working. This is all I am seeing - please see screenshot.

Last question, do you think I can duplicate the front page sections if I hire somebody?

Thank you so much again. :slight_smile:


The link is definitely working and that’s the image used as a bg :slight_smile: its a stripe image, when applied it as a bg it’s repeated and you see the different effect

Well, of course yes, everything is possible :slight_smile:


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