Style.ccs stylesheet- Unable to install

I purchased a wordpress theme and attempted to upload it to my site. I keep getting this message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme installation failed.

Theme name: skillhunt

Hi there

Sorry, but Its not a wordpress theme, its an HTML template and can not be installed in Wordpress


Okay, thank you for the update. How do I request a refund? I see that there is a 14 day return policy. Can you please advise? Thank you

I had purchase premium plan to use the templates but it’s not letting me download. Can someone resolve this ASAP?

Refund sent.

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Our record shows that your membership expired last May. You need to renew it in order to use them.

I didn’t know lifetime membership gets expired. It does not say that on website

Thank you so much! Will I receive an update by email of the return? I just want to confirm that it is being sent back to the right person since I didn’t provide you with any information.

I thought lifetime membership don’t expires. Can I get refund please?

Yes, Lifetime membership doesn’t expire but you had a yearly membership.

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Hello, I had the same problem, I bought the Real State 2 theme, and I wanted to use it in Wordpress, but then I realized that it is an HTML theme and cannot be used in Wordpress, I think that to make it easier for customers, you should leave it clear on the site that these themes cannot be used in wordpress. I would like a refund too please

I have the same problem, i purchased a theme for wordpress, Rehomes but i cannot install. I get the same error every time : The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header. I require help or refund

Hi there

Im sorry but it’s not a WordPress theme, it’s an HTML template and you can use it as a HTML template.


Please refund, i don’t even know what am going to do with it, cause what i need is a Wp Theme, not an HTML Template

Hi there

You need to start the refund process from your bank account.