Style.css Error

Hey so got the typical style.css error when trying to upload the .zip download for the haircare template. Watched a few video on how to correct the error and they all said the same thing, unzip and you’ll find another zip folder within the files. Did that and there are no other .zip files in any of the file folders. I even tried to just unzip, then rezip, and upload with still the same problem. Any way to solve this?

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Hi there

You are uploading an HTML template into WordPress and that’s why it’s not working


No, I’m uploading a zip file. I go to the download link the site directs me to. Click download and then I try to upload that zip file to wp.

You have an HTML template in your zip folder, it’s not possible to install an HTML template in WordPress, please doa research on this in the web

I am having the same issue.

If it isn’t compatible with wordpress, where is it compatible?

It it a useless template?

@confidentlybeautiful its important to understand that HTML template is impossible to work in the WordPress, HTML templates are absolutely different things, please do a little research :slight_smile:

It’s important to answer the question above. If we cannot use the zip file sent to us on wordpress because it’s HTML then how do we use it? Was this a scam?

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Hi @Yadi

Please take my apologies but the template was clearly listed as a website template, there is no single mention about WordPress, please check my answer here:

I don’t understand why you treat it as a scam, you received an item that you bought, and if you still have any problem we are not refusing to help,

No, you reply to the wrong person … I am not having any issue with it…

Sorry, @Yadi I think this ticket is already resolved, so, I will close it