Style post and excerpt

Is there any way to change how the post and excerpt are displayed?

For instance have the featured image a small thumbnail next to the except. Then have the read more button under it.

For example:

Just like the way their post is displayed.

Thank you!

Is there also a way to add a section to the sidebar like their “i need help with…” where it shows the images and you can click on them.


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Possible but not without template modification, :frowning:

How do i modify that part of the template?

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You need to find php files used for that page, and modify it
if you want to know which php files were used for that page use this plugin:

Once i find it do you know what code needs to be changed and what it needs to look like? Is there a way to make it so it displays that way for all posts? or do i have to go in and edit each individual post?

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No, you just need to make changes in one file no necessary to make changes in your posts