Sub memu disappeared

I am not completely sure if it is because of the update, my sub menu all disappeared. I can see them in the dashboard, but on my website, when I hover over the mainn menu, there is no drop down sub menu like it used to be. What can i do to get it back?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @dailysurprises,

Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

Could you please share me your site URL where it’s happening so that i can troubleshoot it?

Best Regards,

the AMP version works but not the desktop verison

I visited your shared site and the submenu is displaying fine for me as shown in the attached screenshot.

Could you please test it on different browser?

That is weird…

I tried on chrome, firefox and explorer. None works for me. I did clear cache from all of them before I try to go to my website.

I also tried on my work laptop, chrome on a linux machine, still no sub menu…

weird… Please test it without logging in and disabling all browser extensions.

for firefox and internet explore, I did not log in and I do not have any browser extensions…

Are you using latest versions of theme?

Please share the screenshots of how it is displaying for you?

first one is chrome without signed in, the second one is firefox without signed in. I have cleared cache in both browsers before I go to my website.

as you can see, when I move cursor closer to the menu, there is no drop down list, just the name of the menu is highlighted…

I have the latest version of the activello installed, I think that is the problem, after the update the sub menu disappeared… It used to work…

following my previous reply, I tried to switch to WP default theme twenty fourteen, I can see the submenu straight away. I think something in the activello theme is not displaying properly…

hello, I have the same problem on my website but only on iPad (safari). On desktop browsers it looks fine!

can you have a look please?


@Joe The ipad issue is reported to the theme developer here and it is resolved in the github version of activello theme so please use that theme by downloading it from below page.