Sub menu does not scroll theme sparkling

Good morning
I have recently started using your theme … I state that it is very nice but I cannot understand if there is a way to make the submenus scroll. I have a sub-item in the main menu “Convenzioni” that contains more than 30 pages and if the menu does not scroll I can only display a part of it. Among other things, in the display on smartphones, the items appear very bad when superimposed without a background. You can see the test site here the menu in question is “Convenzioni”
Thank you very much for helping.
Yours sincerely

Hi there

This css can help to solve the issue:

.dropdown-menu > li {
padding: 2px 15px;

Kindly add it in the Appearance > Customize > Addtionall css

Thanks, it is much better because by reducing the space between the items there are actually more … but not being able to scroll the submenu many items are still out. Is there no possibility to scroll through the submenu?
Furthermore, if the page is displayed on a smartphone, the display is superimposed on the page without the background of the items and it is not beautiful (and in any case also in this case the submenu does not scroll and therefore the items are even less)
Maybe I could solve on smartphone with an additional plugin but if it worked it would be the best.
Thank you very much for your availability.


there is some solution

@media (max-width: 767px)
.nav.navbar-nav {
float: right;

and to scroll your menu utems use this code:

.navbar-fixed-bottom .navbar-collapse, .navbar-fixed-top .navbar-collapse {
    max-height: 440px;
    overflow: scroll;

Great thank you very much! on smartphone now you can see very well … There is a little too much space (on smartphone) between one menu item and the other but I don’t want to seem too demanding :slight_smile:
I didn’t understand what this piece of code is for

@media (max-width: 767px)
.nav.navbar-nav {
float: right;
I ask one last thing … can the submenu also scroll in the desktop / laptop view? Because I noticed that if you don’t have a big screen, not all the items are there and the menu doesn’t scroll!
I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the reply. PS congratulations anyway for the theme because it is really one of the best and most complete I’ve found.


I’m sorry, but for desktop, scroll is not available, mobile menu is different layout where the scroll was possible, not for desktop device, please also note, this is bad practice to use many menu elements, its better to divide them somehow


Thanks so much for all the help … I will find a way or at least I hope.

Thank you too and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I want to make this one also on my site, there will be a little bit of change which is open a new window at the same tab.
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Thats not our theme, and you need to contact to your theme author,