SubMenu problems

Hi guys,

Just optimized the Activello theme for my blog and after going through some changes, did the menu as well. All is still under construction, but after adding submenu links to the menu, suddenly when clicking on the main pages, they are not working anymore. Any ideas on why? Here’s the link:

It works to click the submenu pages, but not the main pages. For example when hovering over About Me page, I can only click the Contact subpage, but not the About me.

Let me know what the problem could be. Thanks

Hi @hristosfleturis,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

It seems the menu items are working on your site except the top level menu items which is the default functionality of bootstrap framework that this theme uses.

To make it work you can use the custom solution posted in the following reply.

Best Regards,