Submit button for Contact template not working

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I downloaded a free contact form template and I can’t figure out which .js or .css file to update so that I can code the form so that when a user selects the “Submit” button, it sends the information to an email address. The form I downloaded is here:

I have everything else working properly in preview. I’m working on my local machine and haven’t posted anything to a server.

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You would have ti update the html file and the main.js file to have it use the email address that you want.

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Thank you so much for the reply!

I must be a complete dummy, but I don’t see where I can input my email address into these forms. The .html calls out the main.js file. The main.js file shows “input” in the code, but I don’t see where to put the email address to send the form to. Can you tell me what line in the .js file I need to input my email address?

Actually what you have downloaded it Simple jQuery Contact Form with Validation and it doesn’t send any email so you have to develop custom code in the main.js file to send an email.

You can find information about this in the following pages.