Suppablog theme doesn't upload to wordpress

  1. Purchased in December of 2022.

  2. I received this error when attempting to use.

  3. Reached out for help same day. . .

  4. Reached out for help last April '2023. . .

  5. Reached out for help here and none was given. . . later, my account disappeared.

  6. Disputed with my bank and somehow it didn’t go through.

  7. Trying again for help.

Hi there

I never received any message here, on this support board no ticket is going without answer

It’s HTML template and can not be installed in the WordPress


How am I supposed to use it then??


It’s an HTML template, so, you can use it as a HTML template,


That doesn’t answer my question at all…

I went to AWS and this is the error message now

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access Denied



Also, it claims to be a wordpress theme. . . why won’t it work on wordpress?

I tried adding a header to the file myself and only got a new error.

Hi @jhypno

It was not stated as a WordPress theme, its an html template.
Please note, HTML templates and WordPress theme are completely different things, you cant install it in WordPress and html template can be used only as HTML template, please do a little research on the web about this.