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Hello everyone I ask for help regarding a template that I bought as the contact form part complete with html and php even following the installation instructions doesn’t seem to work what I would like to understand is I have to do something specific besides inserting in the fields my site’s email? the template purchased is advanced construction i hope in an answer


I am usingthe Illdly theme.

Page Speed Insight flagged the attached.

I wondered whether there are any settings within the theme that I can adjust to improve loadspeed, or whether there are any plugins you would recommend? I am already using Gzip Ninjaspeed and Smush.

My site address is: http://happyorangutan.co.uk/


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Apologies for the delay in response. Unfortunately, our HTML templates are purchased as they are. The license you purchased is only to allow you to remove the credits as explained here.
Colorlib Support Team

what exactly does the license have to do with the question I asked? I have a problem getting the contact form to work, which has a front end but that doesn’t work

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To Alessioalex - HTML template is designed without PHP forms or any other backend functionality, they can’t send or receive anything unless you do not integrate these functions inside, all these works are custom works and must be done by the customer, such question is outside of our support policies

To Willsatt - this is not a theme-specific question, please check this article: How To Reduce Server Response Time (TTFB) In WordPress