[Support request] How to add a slider?


I’m looking at instruction here, section 5:

It says ‘Select category from dropdown to use for slider’. I don’t have that option.

I entered 2 in the ‘number of slide items’, and checked the checkbox. I added a few dummy news posts with pictures.

I’m lost on how to get the built-in slideshow to work.

Right now it’s displayed at the very top of my page and it does not contain pictures.

Screenshots on imgur.com:

Alright, so for categories to appear I had to enable Sparkling categories plugin. Now I can choose the category, but slider is still broken on my home page - images are not shown, see screenshots above.

Alright, been battling with the slider for a while now. Figured out how to add ‘featured’ images to my posts. However, now these posts are appearing below the slider.

I guess I could leave it at that, at least for now.

Hi @pablo123,

Awesome great to see you got that resolved.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!