[Support Request] Jumptron Help


How can i link my Jumbotron Section button to scroll down to Front Page?
And I have a second button to link to the contact form below?

Please assist?

URL: http://www.stemcellscorp.com

Am I able to Full Width Section Widget inbetween my Frontpage? Because all my contents are under Front-Page, I do no need other pages like About, Skills, Services. Can’t I have Jumbotron Section - Full Width Section - Jumbotron Section again?

Please kindly help.

Hi there

Try to link to this section: static-page-content

Hi Noda,

Thank you! Linking the button to #static-page-content works.
I think I would suggest you guys should add this inside the “Documentation” section 10 Menu and Sections.

However, I have the second question on the widget Full-Width Section and Front-Page.
Please kindly guide me? Much appreciated.

Thank you, we will consider it for sure,
What is your second question?

As currently, I’m only using the Jumbotron Front Page for all my contents. I would like to add the Full-Width Section Widget in between my contents.
Because I am only able to add the Full-Width after the Front Page and I can’t add more content after the Full Width.

Not sure If I’m clear in my explanations.

Thank you.

Hi ghauk

Perhaps I need a little bit more information on this question, can you please provide a screenshot and access details to your website? also, steps to replicate your problem,


I think its a little hard to screenshot to showcase the problem.
If u visit the site www.stemcellscorp.com

I used the widget Full-Width Page at the bottom before Contact Us.
I would like to use the Full-Width Page widget in between my content.
My contents are all inside Front Page. How do I use the width in the Front Page.

Login detials:
User: StemcellsCorp
Password: Colorlibsupport

Hi Ghauk

Can’t log in in your website when I use default login links, getting this:

403 Forbidden

If you are blocking some countries please inlock Georgia

Hi Noda,

I have not setup any blocking.

The user and passwords are caps sensitive.


Hi Ghauk

Ok, now I understand your question, you want to reuse fullwidth section and add it again on the front page, im afraid this is not possible, at this moment you can’t do such thing :frowning: