switching to this theme

I used Mimbo and Vintage Green child theme for a long time and finally got around to updating to something new. (The old theme used Timthumb for small images and is now broken) I love the look of the demo and excited to use it.

I’d like to switch over, but I think my old set up is really undermining the new one. Do you have any basic recommendations?

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First of all, use the following plugin to create a backup of your WordPress just in case of an issue:

Before installing a new theme, switch to the default WordPress theme then disable any plugins that were being used by the previous theme.

I hope this helps.

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thank you. I hope it helps.

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If I want to get the carousel and strip of 4 across per the demo, do I need to import the sample data, then also import the data that I exported from my site?


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It would be best to import the sample data to achieve this and modify the theme to your liking.
The import your data.

Here’s a plugin you can use to export specific posts and pages

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