Template Questions

Hello, good day. I will buy a template and I just want to know three things.

First, I don’t have a lot of experience programming, so, if I am not sure about some part of the code, can you help me?

Second, the template brings a lot of junk code?

And third, how many CEO tools do you give?

Thanks a lot.

hey there

  1. In some part, we can help but we can’t customize the template for you, for example, we can help you to change color, size of fonts, bg colors etc, mainly things that are related to css,
  2. No, there is no single line of the code that can be considered as a junk, everything is necessary :slight_smile:
  3. What do you mean in CEO tools? :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I mean Seo.

And just another question, so, if I want to add another page you don’t help me creating the new code, do you?



Seo - i think you misunderstood how SEO works, this is hml template it doesn’t have any SEO tools such things are totally on you :slight_smile:
pages - everything is already created you can reuse existing elements on the new pages this will require some level of knowledge in HTML, if you dont have this level i can only suggest some free courses, unfortunately, we can’t help you in designing and creating page