Templates layout control

First of all, Thank you for providing us with activello.
I am trying to use it on https://amitsharma.us/ but can’t seem to get more than one template to show up on the main page.
When i say template, i mean the 4 templates that show up on https://colorlib.com/activello/
I see under website layout options two radio buttons -
a) Two full wifth posts then half width posts
B) Full Width Posts
I pick option A but it shows just one half width post. I would like to have it show more than one post and hopefully be able to control it
Please help

Hi Amit

Sorry for asking what do you mean by showing 4 templates on the main page? I think we are calling things differently :slight_smile:
Please provide steps and screenshots to replicate your problem for better assistance :slight_smile:


see how Activello has two top posts and then 4 half-width posts. How do i enable them for my site.

Please provide access details privately and I will check your setup and will create the same layout

how do i do that? do you have an email i can share this info with?

Send me it in a private message (click on my name) and include a link to this ticket

done. thank you very much.

Hi, I sent the credentials and was just following up to see if you had a chance to review it.
Thank you again for your help!

Hi there
Just checking to see if you had any updates.

Please let me know
Thank you

I don’t have any private messages yet received

I will send you from my side

sent now. Thank you very much

Hey there

Actually, it’s in the customizer setting, check this out: Screenshot by Lightshot

I see it is turned on now but notice how the bottom portion shows only 1 half width post. How do i get it to show 2 posts there?
See my first screenshot and the question mark there. There should be a post there but why does it not show up
Thank you

You just need to add new posts to the site and it will be added here

Hi sharmami,

what is the best solution you have found? Could you please recommend us we are also looking for the same solution. I need a your honest recommendations Thanks


Please start a new ticket, its very old one