Templates SCENIC - Great but Mobile Menu does not work

Has anyone noticed that the responsive menu does not allow you to click on the desired page?
Has anyone found a way to make the menu work?

This is Link. Thk

Hi Fabio

This is HTML template, they are provided as is but if this is important for you can help, but I need direct access to your website by ftp

Buongiorno Noda Thanks for the reply.
I have no link to the site because I am only programming it to understand how it works but your tamplate is not already working when, in the mobile version, I try to make the menu work.
in fact directly from the preview it doesn’t already work. You can try directly from your site, you will see the error directly.
if you can’t do anything, I’ll try to understand the mistake. I noticed that other templates use the full bootstrap not the bunble version and the CSS and JS contents of the boostrap are missing. That is the problem ?

if you want I will create a site starting from your template and send you the FTP. But since the problem is already on your site, I don’t think it’s necessary. I await your news. Thank you

I enter the screen where the menu does not work. instead in desktop version, it works without problems.

Hi Fabio

Thank you for the interest, :slight_smile:
Yes, I see the problem on our template and i can help you if this is important for you, in this case, you have to upload template somewhere on the website and i will investigate it

Ok, I upload at

Thank you

Good morning

Ok, please also provide FTP access to this folder now

Good Morning Noda
No, I can’t give FTP data because I have my professional websites and it doesn’t seem appropriate to allow me to enter my sites. But then what good is the password for my ftp? You have your template wrong. I’m sorry but I can’t give you the data because I have my info on my site. If you can help me, thank you otherwise leave it alone.
Thanks for the support but if there are all these problems, leave it alone.

Fabio, thank you for understanding :slight_smile:
Ok, then if you have any other question don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

In your scenic folder locate and open “js” folder > open “custom.js” folder and go to line 161 and replace it with:

$("body").on("click", ".main-menu li a[href^='#'], .smoothscroll[href^='#'], .site-mobile-menu .site-wrap li a", function(e) {

NKULIC , i thank you so much.
Great template but NKULIC the best.

HI there

Thank you guys, I will close this case now :slight_smile: