Terms and Conditions' checkeboxes are not displayed if I surf via smartphone

Hi, I’ve noted that terms and conditions’ checkbox in the bottom of the page (four boxes) is not displayed when you use a smartphone and the QPP (Quick paypal payments) plugin author (quick-plugins.com) suspects that it depends of some theme bug or some css bug, could you please take a look to help me understand why those checkboxes are not visible from my Android smartphone?

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P.S.: screenshots attached

Hi again , this is a private update from the QPP plugin developer that have replied to me, he wrote this:
“It’s a theme issue. Using MS Edge and Safari and Chrome there is no checkbox. On Firefox there is a checkbox but it’s in the wrong place. On my iphone I see a vertical bar.
I suggest you to switch to the 2017 version of that theme and see what happens. If the checkbox displays you know the problem is the theme.”

Thanks again for any help to fix the checkbox in the bottom of your theme, not visible by smartphone ,
thanks SO much for any help

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You can use the following CSS code to increase the size of the checkbox by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Checkbox size*/ input[type=checkbox] { width: 15px !important; height: 15px !important; }

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Hi, thanks, css added but you can’t check the box, now the checkboxes are visible from smartphone but you can’t check them like you can do on desktop. The V symbol inside the square appears only on desktop, may I send you the WP credential in order for you to check if it is a theme issue please?

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You can go ahead ans send the credentials in a private message.

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Hi, OK, thanks!

Login ‹ Business Excellence Class — WordPress
user: [email protected]
password: cp7yEeGFTA6s8f9N9DGV8KB

I’ve putted the QPP plugin shortcode in your widgets by removing the original demo content:
Footer Sidebar 1
Footer Sidebar 2
Footer Sidebar 3
Footer Sidebar 4
On desktop it works fine, so the problem is just with smartphones.

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Hi magnific devs,
so, is there any way to make that QPP checkboxes clickable by smartphone too?

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I logged in and investigated your website, however, I wasn’t able to find a viable solution.
I’ve submitted the issue to the developer for which you can follow up here.

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