Testimonial Section Issues

Hi there, as you can see on my website (click here), there are two highlighted and clickable boxes where arrows would go, and I do not know how to either remove them (make them invisible) or replace them with arrows. This happened after the latest theme update.

Also, the logos below “Valued Clients & Testimonials” are big unless you scroll over them. How do I fix this?

Hi there

for icons, please add this css code in the Appearance > Customize > Additonall css:

@import "https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css"

Thats how logos appear for me: Screenshot by Lightshot is this normall?

Hey, Noda! Thank you as always for your fantastic help. The CSS worked, I just had to add a semicolon at the end. Can the vertical position of the arrows be modified if I want them Higher? Thanks! **Screenshot question:**It is normal in your screenshot, but on mobile device, the size of the logos change when you scroll over them. It is an odd effect. Also, an issue that is been annoying is that between the client logos and testimonials, sometimes there is a big whitespace that appears. If I refresh, it is gone. It may be a caching issue or something, but you can find it:

You may not always see it, but I have noticed it. The picture is in Firefox, but it sometimes happens in Chrome. Any idea how to fix it?


Well, yes, I saw that problem with other users as well, I already reported it and hopefully, it will be resolved ASAP in the upcoming theme updates


Hi, Noda! Which problem did you see? The spacing issue like I circled in red or something else?

And is there anyway to move the arrows up in the Testimonial area?


I meant spacing issue, some times it was resolved by changing the background image by a bigger image, but this solution did not work constantly, (btw, did you try it?)

Yes, its possible, try this css code:

ul.flex-direction-nav {
bottom: 150px;
position: relative;

That CSS is great! Thank you. Any idea on when the spacing issue will be remedied? And, the background image I have beyond the testimonials now is pretty large. In fact I was planning on reducing it, but I will keep at as is if the developers are working on fix?


I’m sorry but I can’t say when, we are doing updates for all our themes and Shapely will get its update soon as well

Thanks, Noda. You can close this ticket.

Thank you too and have a nice weekend @humblevoice