Testimonials not in slideshow

Hey, I found older topics that solved this issue by theme update. My theme version is 1.0.16, so I guess it is not the version.

My testimonials are not display in slideshow though… http://rehanfyzio.sk/

any suggestions? Thank you, Petr


You should update the theme to meet the latest version 1.0.25

Just make a local copy of you website for a backup and manually overwrite the current files with the newest ones.

Additionally, go to Dashboard > Testimonials/Customize and re-save the information.

Let me now if you got everything alright.


Worked, thank you.

Hi, I have the same problem my testimonials are not display in slideshow.

I have the last version of Colorlib Theme so I don´t know what to do.

Thank you for you help.
My website is: www.fernandovacaflores.com

Hi @negron, I replied to you in another thread.