Thank you for all your work!

Thank you for all your work.

I was looking for a new payment template for my but I didn’t find any interesting.
After a long search I found your template, and I loved! Although some changes needed to be perfect, in my opinion.

Here are some changes that I made to the template:

  • Creating a child theme.
  • Added input types: standard, aside, image, video, and google map.
  • Added third level of nesting in the computer menu.
  • Added special menu for mobile devices.
  • Fixed bad behavior of the button "Read more"
  • Added categories and tags at the foot of the entries.
  • Created widgets for tags and advertising.
  • Added plugins related posts and social buttons in specific positions of the template.
  • Added php script for automatic adjustment of images in the header of the inputs (thumbnail lose some quality).
  • Customization of the theme.
  • Other minor changes

I still have to solve some problems, such as for example the JS scripts that do not work when using infinite scrolling.

I’ve subscribed to this post, if anyone has any question about my changes, I will try to help.

Best regards!

PS: I used the translator to write this post, it may not be well understood.