The customization button do not show up

The “buttons” next to the images and text used to customize all the elements do not show up on my installation.


Screenshot from my site:

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Thank you.

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That’s weird. Kindly ensure that you’re using the latest version of the theme, if not, please update to the latest version, and if you are, disable all of your third-party plugins and see if this issue still exists.
If it resolves the issue I am going to then ask you to activate the disabled plugins one by one and test the page to see if we can isolate the conflicting plugin if that is the case.

If that doesn’t help, please provide us with some temporary admin access to your site. We’ll be in a better position to spot anything suspicious from here.
You can add new users by going to Users > Add New set the user and password for us, set the role to admin and set the info here. You can navigate here for more details; Adding New Users to Your WordPress Site – Make WordPress Support.

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Thanks for your reply.
I have now created an admin account for you to use. Here are the details:
User: colorlib
Password: color75-+

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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Have you disabled the plugins? I’m seeing where you have a number of plugins installed, some that may have some effects on the default behavior of some WordPress elements. Please let me know the result of following the instructions given above in regards to your plugins.

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Hi again,

I disabled the plugins and found the one that is causing the issue: ARPrice
However, I have contacted their support and they have been unable to determine the issue. They also state that their plugin should not be impacting the theme in this way.
See their latest message here:
I would therefore really appreciate if you could have a look and perhaps try to resolve the problem.
The login details are still valid.

Thank you!


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As it stands, we would not be ale to make any change to a third party plugin however please try to disable the Analytics option in the plugin as that may be causing this issue.

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