The demo i received its not the same

I bough this theme: Colorlib | Free Bootstrap Website Template
i set it at my localhost:3000.
I been working as developer for last 12 years i understand perfectly how to set it up, and i used all the javascripts, the css, scss, html, etc,etc. And my website not works exactly as the one i bough. why that happend? give me the one in the DEMO. thanks in advanced

Hey there

Sorry about that, can you please tell me what exactly is wrong? Can you share some screenshots from your version?
You can also use a temporary hosting to share it with us


Sure, here its the live version on my vps:

This are with all the files the theme included on the download file…

Its not the same. I mean you can open the original one (The one who its showing on the demo website?) its not the same as this. ITS similar, but the functions are not working and only for those things i bough the theme. I mean, when you clik on some elements in the first section? like boxes, when you click them? its suppose it open that same info in that same part of the website. the transitions its not working on my hosted website. on my localhost. so, the best would be that works as the demo on. ALSO, the carousels are not working too… I mean in the demo it shows 2 images? in the carousel. but on my localhost there its not even images so… Its incredible, like the carousel not working.

ALSO, ive bought others templates and all were good. but this preccise i need? its not. so please men give me a help

Hi there

Most probably it’s not installed correctly, check this out: Screenshot by Lightshot you have lots of 404 errors in the console, this means some files requested by the browser are not loading,