The following recommended plugin is currently inactive: CPT Bootstrap Carousel.

How do you deactivate the message? You may not wish to use the theme and shouldn’t be constantly reminded to install something you will not use.

This can’t be that difficult. What file do I need to edit and what change?

I installed the Bootstrap Carousel plugin while installing the template. What else do I need to install or do to have slideshots on the page?
When I click in the menu on carouse and then on add new so it wants me some name + brief description. Will that be shown in the picture?
And I have to fill the URL of the image on the side? where should I take him?
Thank you for helping and helping Vladi

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@bobmeetin In order to remove or hide this message you would have to edit the code used in WordPress but this can corrupt your WordPress installation so this is not recommended.

@vladi Please create a new post for your issue because it is a different issue from the original posted here.

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I just got notification from a client’s web hosting company that they will disable all plugins are pose a security risk in the coming year.

Since the CPT Bootstrap Carousel plugin has not been updated in 2 years, the hosting service feels that it is “abandoned” (as does and could pose a risk.

Is there another version of the bootstrap carousel that has been updated recently?

Thanks for your help.

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In terms of a plugin, not right now.
What I’ll do is bring this to the attention of the developer to see what can be done.
I can’t provide ETA for a solution will be provided though.
I submitted the issue here

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