The problem with the full-width at subpages for Dazzling theme

I have a problem with the template.
I set a static home page, using the full-width. Unfortunately, all pages except home-page does not look right.
Where it can be the problem?
Link to home page:
Sitelink news:


Great modification of this theme!

However, I am not here to try to debug what you have done wrong with your code while trying to modify it. I can help you with setup and configuration and some light code tweaks and examples.

You can always find someone on oDesk and that will be able to help to debug your code.

Sorry for inconvenience

If you want to make fullscreen page just on front page you have to create another page template. Right now you have removed all divs that controls page width and that’s obvious that it applies to front page and subpages as you are using the same page template everywhere.

This is only a test website.
I know that I need to create another template for the pages.
div is removed in only one file.
All modified the day before your answer.

Now I make appropriate modifications for me.

I did not expect from you any repair only brief information of what to do that all the sides were full-width

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards Michal