The title of the post does not appear complete within the articles

Thanks for the help and I’m thinking of buying the license. It depends if I can set things up right.
The titles are cut when I enter the written article.
Thanks for the help.

Hey there

Are you talking about the single post? can you please share url of the example?

I send you a photograph.
The page is not open, so I do not send you the url.
Thank you

HI there

Yes, this is how by default it works, you have to customize the theme to make it fully appear, there is no option to disable this feature

The theme is yours.
If the license is purchased, will you help with these issues?

Hi there

License is only for removing footer credits

but I can help you :slight_smile:

Just jumping on the back of this.

The same thing is happening to me. How do I fix it please?


Hello Crhis, please see my above reply:


Thanks for the reply.

This doesn’t answer my question. You told the person above that it can be customized.

How do you do this please? I have tried and cannot do it.



hi Chris

It can be customized but it will require a custom job, when there is no option in the theme to change this you have to customize it, unfortunately, we are not providing support for customization