The top bar menu works on all web browsers except IE and Edge

I have created a website with Shapely theme and have created a top bar menu with submenus.
It works great on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, but in IE and Edge it doesn’t show the submenu items when you take your mouse pointer over or click on down arrow. The attached images show the problem.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry to post my issue here but it seems the topic most appropriate for that and I don’t found how to create a new topic.

I want to set Hamburger menu to always visible, just the hamburger menu, in the mobile and tablet version it works, but in the computer version not. It is possible to do that ?

I already tried many CSS in the dashboard, without any success.

Please, I just have this issue with this amazing theme. Thank you for your availability.

I’m again sorry for my message here. It’s not my topic.


Hey there

Madmaxgr - Please provide URL of the website and i will check it
Théo - Soryr, but would be very not comfortable to all of us if we work in one ticket, so, please open a new ticket here, scroll down and you will see form to open a new ticket: