Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress’ in footer?

How can I remove the Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress’ in footer?
I use the Shapley theme.

Hi there

First of all, you need to obtain a license to remove it, after this you just need to remove it from the template files

Hi, I m also interested in removing the copyright at the footer, is not enough if at my terms and services or another page where I put credits for another thing to like pictures and plugins? Can we not put the Colorlib Theme credit there as well?
I don´t have a problem buying a license but of a Free Template?
what you say?
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see you Theme here

Hi Ricardo

Yes, of course, it’s possible but only after you get the license, once you get the license you may remove copyright text

means I need to buy the license for a free template?

Hi there

No, you need to buy template in order to remove footer credit :slight_smile:

this is very confusing, the Free template need to bought…
if this is free what buy it?
sounds pretty tricky
I don’t know if this is the kind of model I wanna support, I got the template because is free, if I wish to buy one have I done it previously.
you may mention straight here, Shapely - One Page WordPress Theme - Colorlib that one can buy the template or license

@ricardosantanna let me clear some questions

  1. if you are using a WordPress theme like Shapely then it’s free of course, no need to buy anything, it is listed in the WordPress repo and you can download and use it
  2. If you’re using HTML templates then you have to buy them,

That’s what I wanted to say, probably I don’t clearly understand your question from the beginning,

Hi, again the footer credit!
Even a free template requires a license in order to remove it, is that correct?
Where to purchase this type of license, I don’t see in the shapely page.
If is about remove it from the PHP files, one can always do it without purchase any licence right?
best regards

Hi there

It’s not the case for WordPress themes, you can remove it without a license.
Check footer.php


ah ok, I understand now, thanks a lot!

You are welcome @ricardosantanna :slight_smile: