Theme file editor full code that starts at row 1891 please

In an attempt to delete the search glass/search option in the upper right corner of this theme, I messed up the theme…

Can someone please copy/paste the code that is supposed to be at:

.module.widget-handle i {



In other words, I need the code that should be at:
→ theme file editor
→ Stylesheet (style.css)
→ Row 1891 starts with ".module.widget-handle i {
→ what I’m desperately looking for is the code on the rows below that one, all the way until you find the first “}” (thats about 5 or 6 rows of text if I remember correctly).

Thank you!!!

Hi Leon

Just replace theme files and that’s it :slight_smile:

Hi there! Thanks for your prompt answer! How do I replace the theme files? Sorry, I’m a complete newbie to this and should never have tried to edit the register…

edit: nevermind, through your link I found the code at: style.css in shapely/1.2.15 – WordPress Themes
Thank you!!! First thing I’m going to do now is make a backup :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating us :slight_smile: