Theme import error in WP - missing slug folder

Dear All,

i purchased the template Charity Works and tried to upload it but it does not work.
The error that pops up is:
“The theme file uploaded is invalid because the zip file should have the theme slug folder”

Google searches did not provide a solution.

Can you pls help me resolve this issue .
Thank you in advance.

Hey there.

I’m sorry but it’s an HTML template, it will not work in WordPress as a theme.


Understood, sorry. Of course.

Would you pls suggest a CMS editor for beginners (drag and drop, wysiwyg) that i can use with this theme as I try to build a website to raise money for the floods in Slovenia.

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

Hi Simon.

Nothing to apologize:slight_smile:

Choosing a specific page builder can indeed be challenging due to the abundance of options available online. In my experience, WordPress remains my top recommendation as a versatile CMS. Its flexibility and user-friendly interface make it an excellent choice for a wide range of projects.