Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error in Aznews


I’m trying to install the Aznews theme on WordPress and “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” error message is being displayed when uploading it.

I know, I know, the problem is that the Aznews is an HTML template. Buuuut is there any chance that you can provide the WordPress theme or is there a shop where I can purchase it? Or is there a WordPress theme similar to this?

Many thanks!

Hi there

yes, its an HTML template and you cant use it in Wordpress, unfortunately, its a unique template and you can’t buy it anywhere in the web as a Wordpress theme, you need to hire a freelancer to transfer this template into the Wordpress theme

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Good morning @carlgibson

You are doing the same, you are uploading HTML template in the Wordpress themes and it will not work