Theme is not configurable

I’m trying to modify the content on my website but almost nothing works.

  • Firstly I can not see yellow buttons in the customize page.
  • I can’t add or edit services by clicking “Add & Edit Services” button. I can’t use “Add & Edit skills bar” button under about section.
    and so on…
    I can only change previously added high level content such as about page title and content.
    I’m not sure if this was the issue before I migrate my website to Hostinger from Dreamhost. If I would have privilege issue on the content I believe I would receive an error.
    Any advice what is happening on the theme? Is there anything that I can do?

I saw in the widgets part that previous content seems like legacy widget for services. Then I removed all the services and added from teh beginning by choosing Illdy-Service. I see that the previous content gone and newly added content was visible. Then I closed wp customize page and tried to edit that part again. But even the content is still visible in the website, there is no widget available under services section, so there is nothing to customize actually. It seems that the theme has lots of bugs. The content is already updated btw.
So my question is still valid, what should I do to edit my web site?

Dear support,
Will there be a response to this issue? I liked to use the this theme but if this has bugs like these then I may not be use it. Please review an let me know what can I do to recover everything that I have done until now.

Hi there

So sorry for the delay, please take my apologies.

The problem you just discovered is already reported, we are waiting for the fix from the developers, at this moment I can’t provide any estimated dates:


Which problem are you referring to? Or are you saying that this theme can not be configured after installation? Then what is the purpose of being developing this theme? This is really weird to hear that can not be configured properly anymore.


@berk i understand you, its a bug and it needs to be fixed, it will take some time

Sorry once again