Theme Option - Social

I’ve been trying to get FB & Twitter “Follow/like” links up using Saprkling’s social widget. I’ve heard you say the following to a few people who have asked:

"Social Media Icons can be enabled via Theme Options – Social. Below you will see several, one for each social network. In those fields you should copy/paste URL to your actual social network profile. For example, our Twitter URL would look like this “”. Now save changes and you are ready to go."

I assume this means following sparkling options -> social but when I get there I have the option to change a couple of colors and a checkbox enabling/disabling footer social icons. No space to paste anything in or select social networks. Am I missing some other piece of this? I apologize if this is a very basic question. I’m not very well versed in WP.

To learn how to set up the Social Icons to display your social links like your Twitter and Facebook accounts, then follow the instructions here:

"In this version we switched to a better solution for social menus. Now you can use a regular WordPress menu via Appearance >> Menus. There create a menu with social links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and son on inside it. Menu will recognize what URL you are using and will use the right icon for it.

Afterwards you can enable/disable icon in footer by using your mentioned function in customizer or by using the good old Sparkling social widget."

"Set menu location as “Social Links”. A single checkbox when creating menu."
"When you open WordPress menu editor via Appearance >> Menus you should go to Screen Options in the upper right corner. There you should select option called “Link Target”. Afterwards you will have a new options for menu items named “Open link in a new window/tab”. Select that for each menu item and you are good to go."