Theme Options Not Showing for Sparkling WordPress theme

So I am using the Sparkling Theme for my website, under Dreampress hosting and Wordpress 4.2.2.

Having created my pages, I am finally customizing the theme, and I added the Sparkling Social Widget to the footer. I tried to customize said widget under Widgets and found I could not, but found out from the theme documentation that I had to go under Theme Options.

But when I go to Theme Options on my dashboard, it initially displays the forms it should, but after a few seconds it redirects to another page, a screenshot of which I have attached to this post. Once there, I thought I could just click on the tabs to switch between sections, but when I did so, they don’t lead anywhere. The page stays the same.

I don’t know if this is a Wordpress problem or a problem with the theme, but I’d really like to fix it!

Make sure to disable all plugins as one of them is causing JavaScript errors and breaks theme functionality.

Then enable one plugin by another to see which one causes this issue.

Let me know if this helps.