Theme Options | Social: Foursquare

There are quite a lot social websites we can add a URL to. But I’m really missing foursquare. As I own a store this is quite interesting to me to have added. Not a show-stopper - but: Any plans for this? Or any workarounds? Thanks!

Will add this to the next theme update because it is not that simple to explain how it can be done. It is easier for me to push it as update.

Wow, that was quick. Thanks also for integrating it! :slight_smile:

Oh,It’s a good message.

I’d added “Weibo” & “Qzone” (in Chinese). Only the ‘Weibo’ is show ok. the Qzone 's ico is no work.

My website:

This theme uses FontAwesome icons and since there is no Qzone in their library I can’t add it to theme either. Weibo is on their library, so it can be easily added and eventually could come as part from theme if i will received some more requests.

Thanks。 I’d changed OK.

I found Qzone’ico similar to pinwest’s ico. so I used pinwest’s ico. In addition, I changed the link title. :slight_smile: