Theme Recommendation Car Towing

Hey there,

I’m looking for a theme either wp or html to use for a Car Towing website. I need it to have good responsive behavior, most of my traffic is on mobile. And it should be SEO friendly to help with my AdWords campaigns.

I like colorlib’s themes but I’m don’t have experience with them to envision which one would suit better for a towing website, and any advice or tip will help me a lot. I’m fine with either free or premium themes.

My goal is to entice users to call, I came with, but its SEO rank is bad according to some SEO tools.

Again, will appreciate any help.



hello Manuel

thank you for your interest in our themes
we have WordPress and hTML themes, all f our themes are responsive and you can use them for mobile as well, but you have to decide yourself which theme is better for your business, we are only theme support, we can help you if you have any question or problem in any particular theme
Wp themes:

Html themes: