Theme Support to Continue? Ongoing Updates?

Hi. Love your themes, especially the looks of this Unite theme. The reason I am here is necessity! My existing theme gets broken with required updates to site PHP version.

Before downloading and customizing this theme, I wanted to ask if you are planning to keep it current and updated to continue to function on WP? Thanks in advance for your insights.

Warm regards, Kristi

Hi Kristi

Yes, as far as I know we are going to further maintenance and update our themes :slight_smile:

This theme is great. One of the best in terms of good-to-go right out of the box.

I did find that I had to tweak the .entry-content width on the smallest screen size. It was also pushed to the right. The header and footer were fitting properly, but the content was not holding to the 320px. This was making slider partially obscured (right arrow off the screen) and some of text wrapping beyond the viewport. Evident both on my android smart phone and in Firefox’s web developer responsive mode. I added custom css

@media (max-width:325px){
.entry-content {width:290px}
.entry-content {margin: 0 10px 0 0;}

Warm regards and gratitude!