Theme Update messed up my Header (Slider) and Sticky Menus.


I’m a Wordpress noob and i didn’t know that i should have a backup whenever updating a theme. Here’s what i lost when i updated to the latest version of Sparkling:

  1. Header (Meta Slider)
  2. Sticky menus

I would want the website to be how it was…Is there any way to undo the update? Or do i have to re-do the dreadful CSS edits again? :frowning:

If there are no other ways but to edit the code, i would want the header back and place the sticky menus above everything else. I can’t seem to remember what i did on the previous design (coding). Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s my website:

Thank you in advance!

P.S. Does this mean that ALL code alterations will go back to its default once the update is made?

There is no way to bring these changes back if you don’t have a backup in place. During the theme update process WordPress erases the entire theme folder and creates a new one, so all changes you have made in theme files will be lost. However, all change that you have added inside Theme Options including Custom CSS inside this special Custom CSS field will be still there after the update because these things are saved on database. And database is not touched during theme update.

if you want to modify actual template files then you should use Child Theme for that. Here you can read more about Child Theme concept in general and here you can downlod a sample Sparkling Child Theme.

Once you have created Child Theme you can make changes on template files by copy/pasting from parent theme to Child Theme and then making changes there. Child Theme is not affected during update and will remain functional with all theme changes on ot.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for the quick response, Aigars! :slight_smile:

I see…Okay, let me try your child theme instructions first and then i’ll come back here if ever i get lost. I’ll update you soon.

Thank you!!!

Ok, so here’s an update:

I installed the child-sparkling theme and i’m not sure what you meant by “copy/pasting” from Parent to Child theme. Does this mean that i’ll have to copy all the codes from the CSS editor of the Parent and then paste them on the child theme?

I seemed to have lost my menus as well. Even though i still have it on the menu editor, when i save it, it doesn’t show up on the main page and all i see is the “add menu.” Is there a possible way not to re-do all the content/details of my menus? There are quite a lot and i was wondering if i can just copy/paste them to the child theme instead of starting from scratch.

Here’s the current look:

May i know what the next step is? I’m a bit lost.

Thank you!

I was able to find solutions from other forums and the site is now back to how it was. Thank you so much for all the help! :slight_smile: Please mark this ticket as resolved. :slight_smile: