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I downloaded a few themes belonging to colorlib from Themewagon site and I have edited the files for myself. Does it cause legal problems if I use the files? Is them distributing warez themes? Is colorlib contracted with themewagon? Can I use these themes?

Theme names ;


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Well, yes, you can use them but make sure you are following their licensing guides and rules

Do I have a problem if I change the footer text in free colorlib themes? If I buy your $ 128 package, will I be entitled to use and sell themes ( In my own software )

We are concerned about whether you will enforce copyright law or not. Could you provide us detailed information.


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Please review our new license rules.
All the question to the theme wagon please find in their license rules, we have our products with them and we share their license agreements in this case


If we get the $ 129 package, can we arrange it and sell it?

No, you cant sell it
check this out, you can find all the detailed instruction here:

I have downloaded a theme from themewagon for my personal use. I asked them about the license and they asked me to contact the author. Please let me know if I want to use the template for my portfolio, I just need to keep the footer attribution link as it is, do I need to do anything else?

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@dotslash0819 no more action is needed, just keep your footer credit on the place