Timeline for WooCommerce integration for Sparkling

I recently created a new website for a friend and had a clean looking, modern site in short order with this theme. He’d like to sell a few things on the site now, and I’d rather not have to switch themes. What’s the current timeline for a release that includes WooCommerce support? I have a little WP development experience so even if it’s possible to grab code from what seems to be a similar theme of Dazzling, I’d be willing to give it a go with some direction.

Thanks and good job!

If everything will go as planned then support be added by at the end of this month.

You can already use this theme with WooCommerce and it will just have transparent content background. If you use default background color it is going to still look nice and clean.

When will an update to the WooCommerce integration?
Thanks for the answer.
The Theme is great.

This is an old thread but wanted to let you know that Sparkling theme now supports WooCommerce.