Timeline-Plugins do not work


I tried to make a timeline with the plugin timeline-express. Well, the problem is that it looks not like it should at all. Here is the link: Here. It looks just weird. I tried also the plugin cool-timeline, but … still the same problem.
I found out that your theme is the problem, because with other themes these plugins run perfectly.

Maybe you can help me. Is there a solution. Or is it just not possible with Sparkling?

I would be very grateful for your response.


Hi @maxim2016,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I visited your shared page URL and the page is displaying fine for me.

Could you please tell me by sharing page URL or screenshot of how you want it to display?

Kind Regards,

Hey @movin,

thanks for your answer, but it is not working. This is what is shown to me. It looks not like it should (look at unbenannt.jpg). When I change the theme it does. So what is wrong with your sparkling Theme?

Another problem is this. Look again at the homepage: a.jpg is what this problem looks like, but …again… it should look like b.jpg

I really don’t know how to fix these problems, so please help me.

Could you please try unchecking the theme option “Show post excerpts?” as shown in the attached screenshot?

I did that. Nothing changed.

Thanks for your support, but the I spent in your theme is not a good investment. So I changed it.

You are always welcome here :slight_smile:

Please advise if you have any questions.

Have a fantastic day!