(Tip) Return line only at yellow dots (Illdy)

Just wanted to share that!

I love Illdy, it is a fantastic free theme but some aspects bothered me.
One is cleared now!

How to have a return line only at yellow dots…
I did not want to see my expression cut on two lines between yellow dots :).
For example: “Every where” always on the same line :).

Just replace the space by `#8199;’ (figure space), it is like a “white” character, no return line, words before and after become a unique word :).
And the space is quite large, I love this effet.

The last “issue” with Illdy I have is, on the landing page, to have a fixed menu with a dark background!
Illdy support tells me to fix the menu at the top of the screen, I working on getting a dark background :).

Have a good Easter day
or a good Sunday.

Regards José.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will pass this to the developers and hopefully we’ll see some improvements in the upcoming theme update.

Best regards