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I’ve changed the font thanks to “use any font” but it seems like its not possible to change the font of the title of the articles as well.
Is there a CSS code to add? The font type would be National Book. Thanks!

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Yes, i can help you with custom css but i need to see your live website, please provide url of the page and i will take a look

Yes of course : http://elenasansh.com/

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I see only this:

Elenasansh.com est en maintenance

Ok weird. I thought I deactivated the maintenance mode.
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Please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS
this is the css for changing articles title font:

.entry-title {
font-family: “Lora”, serif;

this is original css, you have to change font family
By the way, which font do you want to set for articles?

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Thank you!
I want to use National Book font (already mentionned in my first message).
So if I just change

.entry-title {
font-family: “Lora”, serif;


.entry-title {
font-family: “National”, serif;

It should work ?


That will work but you need to install the font.

Please have a look at this article explaining how to do so:

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I’ve already installed the font.
Though, it’s in italic in the title. Is there a way to not have it in italic?

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If the font is made in italic then you cannot change that because it was made that way.

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Nope, the font is not supposed to be in italic, this is why I’m asking this question.
The reste of my blog is in regular “National Book” and I would like the same for the titles but they remain in italic. Why?


Thanks for letting me know.

Please try adding the CSS to change the font:

.entry-title {
    font-style: normal;

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Great! Thank you :slight_smile:
Problem solved.

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